WriteMentor 2022 Wishlist

Welcome! I’m so excited to be a YA mentor for the WriteMentor 2022 summer program, and I'm thrilled you're considering me as a potential mentor! After having an amazing experience last year as a mentee, I’m ready to take what I’ve learned and pass it on to another incredible writer who's looking to take their… Continue reading WriteMentor 2022 Wishlist

The Road to Going on Submission for the First Time

Hello hello! Since my manuscript has been off with my agent for feedback and revisions, I’ve had a little writing break, but it’s been a great, productive few weeks. I’ve read 6 books in less than three weeks, which is a ton for me, have beta read a couple of fantastic books, spent time organizing… Continue reading The Road to Going on Submission for the First Time

2022 Goals and Dreams

Hello! Hope you had a great end to 2021 and are feeling good about the year ahead. I spent a lot of my break sick (thanks, back-to-back sinus infections), but that’s thankfully behind me now. Like December, January is usually a pretty reflective month where I focus on new goals for the year and what… Continue reading 2022 Goals and Dreams

24 Books of Christmas

Hi everyone! Happy DECEMBER! Our Christmas tree is up, the candles are lit, I’m drinking coffee from a winter wonderland mug, and I’m planning out my baking spree. Life is good! I’ll have more to share on the writerly front soon, but for today, I want to speak from the reader front! One of the… Continue reading 24 Books of Christmas

Autumn Updates and Querying

Hello wonderful people, and happy autumn! Hope you’ve been enjoying cooler weather with lots of pumpkin cream cold brews, good books (hello, The Ex Hex!), and all the spooky movies/shows.  This has been one of the busiest seasons of my life, full of lots of new beginnings and new opportunities. I closed on my very… Continue reading Autumn Updates and Querying

Last Steps to the WriteMentor Showcase and Query Tips

Hello, friends! It’s been such a busy summer. I’ll admit, July was rough for me. I had some unexpected health problems, and my mental health took a hit alongside it. But after taking some time to focus on my mental health, I’m doing so much better, and life in general has been great. I hope… Continue reading Last Steps to the WriteMentor Showcase and Query Tips

What it’s Like Being in a Writing Mentorship Program

Hello! My last post was all about the benefits of applying to writing mentorships, and I’m thrilled to say that since sharing that post, I was selected to be part of WriteMentor! Third time’s a charm -- or more like seventh time’s a charm, but who’s counting? (Me, I counted. It was 7 total over… Continue reading What it’s Like Being in a Writing Mentorship Program

The Importance of Reading Far, Wide, and New

Hello, bookish friends! As writers, we’re often told that we must first be readers. I couldn’t agree more, especially for those of us trying to get traditionally published -- there are certain rules, trends, and subtle hints that can be learned from reading often, and reading widely. For example, my most recent books were Divergent… Continue reading The Importance of Reading Far, Wide, and New

Deciding to Write Dual POV

Hello! Hope you’re having a great month so far. We have all our decorations up, and I’ve already begun the holiday baking spree -- first up: cranberry white chocolate scones! Apart from baking, playing lots of Hyrule Warriors and wrapping gifts, I’ve been working on the latest revisions round for my latest WIP (which I’ll… Continue reading Deciding to Write Dual POV

Tackling First Revisions

Hello hello! Hope you’re enjoying the holiday season. I’m here refilling my tea and setting up snowflake decorations! In my last post, I wrote about the importance of taking a break after a major writing accomplishment; in my case, it was after writing my newest book’s first draft in 30 days. I was TIRED by… Continue reading Tackling First Revisions