Tips For Working From Home

Hi everyone! Given everything going on in the world right now, a lot of people are starting to consider working from home, even if it's only temporary. Or perhaps they're looking to start writing and aren't sure where to start. I've been working predominantly from home for several years now (and I do 90% of… Continue reading Tips For Working From Home

Your Race at Your Pace: A Tale of a 29-Year-Old

Hi everyone! Today happens to be my 29th birthday, and it's made me even more reflective than usual. Thirty is coming! The last year of my twenties! And 30 has always always felt like A Big Milestone -- maybe it means magically becoming more mature overnight, or more self-assured, or putting away the youth of… Continue reading Your Race at Your Pace: A Tale of a 29-Year-Old

The Final Dive to Pitch Wars

My writing nook! It's August 27, which immediately brings to mind two things. One, it's exactly two months until my wedding! And two, it's exactly one month until Pitch Wars submissions are due. Which is....exciting! And nerve-wracking. When I first decided I'd apply to Pitch Wars, I figured the due date would be the end… Continue reading The Final Dive to Pitch Wars