The Benefits of Applying to Writing Mentorships

Hi, writer friends! We’re in the season of writing mentorships, so I thought I’d take some time to talk about the benefits of applying, whether or not you end up getting chosen. First, what are some writing mentorships, and how do they work? A few of the main ones are Author Mentor Match, Revise &… Continue reading The Benefits of Applying to Writing Mentorships

The Importance of Reading Far, Wide, and New

Hello, bookish friends! As writers, we’re often told that we must first be readers. I couldn’t agree more, especially for those of us trying to get traditionally published -- there are certain rules, trends, and subtle hints that can be learned from reading often, and reading widely. For example, my most recent books were Divergent… Continue reading The Importance of Reading Far, Wide, and New

Goodbye 20s, Hello 30s

First post of the new year! While I know the world won’t change overnight, I’m genuinely excited for the year ahead. Part of that is due to my writing goals. 2020 was an extremely eye opening year for me regarding the publishing industry, for better and worse. I came out of the year better understanding… Continue reading Goodbye 20s, Hello 30s

2020 Reflections and Looking to 2021

Hello! It’s been a very busy December here, but things are about to slow waaaaay down now that work is wrapping up. I’m looking forward to a break filled with video games, writing, baking holiday recipes, and lots of books! I’m planning on reading A Christmas Carol next week, and Holly Black blessed our holidays… Continue reading 2020 Reflections and Looking to 2021

Deciding to Write Dual POV

Hello! Hope you’re having a great month so far. We have all our decorations up, and I’ve already begun the holiday baking spree -- first up: cranberry white chocolate scones! Apart from baking, playing lots of Hyrule Warriors and wrapping gifts, I’ve been working on the latest revisions round for my latest WIP (which I’ll… Continue reading Deciding to Write Dual POV

Understanding Industry Trends (Especially When You’re Not One of Them)

Hi there! Hope you’re having a delightful holiday season and that you’ve enjoyed at LEAST one mug of hot cocoa. December is always a reflective month for me -- looking back at the lessons I’ve learned along the way, the good moments and the not-so-good ones, and thinking about the year ahead. If you’ve been… Continue reading Understanding Industry Trends (Especially When You’re Not One of Them)

Tackling First Revisions

Hello hello! Hope you’re enjoying the holiday season. I’m here refilling my tea and setting up snowflake decorations! In my last post, I wrote about the importance of taking a break after a major writing accomplishment; in my case, it was after writing my newest book’s first draft in 30 days. I was TIRED by… Continue reading Tackling First Revisions

Draft One Is Done: Now What?

Hi everyone! My last post was dedicated to tips for writing a novel in 30 days, which I did from Sept 15-Oct 14. But after you’ve finished writing a first draft, you might think: Now what? First and foremost, I hope your answer is CELEBRATE. Completing a first draft, no matter how long it takes… Continue reading Draft One Is Done: Now What?

Top Tips for Writing a Novel in 30 Days

Hello hello! It’s been a heck of a busy time here, mostly becaaaaause: I wrote a new novel in 30 days! Whew! To be clear: this is the first draft of a new novel (my third), and there will be many revisions to come. But still, it’s a fully built novel from start to finish.… Continue reading Top Tips for Writing a Novel in 30 Days