Tips for Queries and First Pages

Once upon a time, I was absolutely horrible at writing query letters, which was worrisome as they're an essential part of securing agent representation. I can’t tell you how many times I would write, rewrite, tweak, light the draft on fire, start fresh, and do the whole process all over again. I couldn’t seem to… Continue reading Tips for Queries and First Pages

Last Steps to the WriteMentor Showcase and Query Tips

Hello, friends! It’s been such a busy summer. I’ll admit, July was rough for me. I had some unexpected health problems, and my mental health took a hit alongside it. But after taking some time to focus on my mental health, I’m doing so much better, and life in general has been great. I hope… Continue reading Last Steps to the WriteMentor Showcase and Query Tips

Handling the Querying Trenches

My characters! Art by the amazing morgana0anagrom (IG) Hello hello! Since my last post, I am so excited to announce that I’m officially querying my YA light fantasy adventure novel! Crossing all my fingers for good news, and sending positive vibes to anyone else on a similar road. Querying, or pitching a novel to literary… Continue reading Handling the Querying Trenches