24 Books of Christmas

Hi everyone! Happy DECEMBER! Our Christmas tree is up, the candles are lit, I’m drinking coffee from a winter wonderland mug, and I’m planning out my baking spree. Life is good!

I’ll have more to share on the writerly front soon, but for today, I want to speak from the reader front! One of the best ways to hone one’s writing craft is to read far and wide (a subject I talk more about in a previous post here), and I’m grateful to have read some incredible books this year. Books are absolute magic, whether or not you’re also a writer. I hope you’ve read some amazing books this year!

I’ve decided to make the 24 Books of Christmas on Twitter, like an advent calendar, where I post about favorite books I’ve read recently, great ones on my to-be-read list, and ones I’m excited are coming in 2022! With each book I’ve read, I’ll be making sure I rate or review them across platforms — I often rely on Goodreads as my primary place, but since so many readers use sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble (among others), I want to make sure my reviews go as far as they can. Reviews and wishlisting are unbelievably helpful to authors, so this season, I’m making it a priority to get more reviews and wishlists out there.

I’m hoping people will join the fun and spread some bookish cheer throughout December. I’d love for this to be a time for authors to feel an extra sense of joy in their work, and for readers to discover new books they may love. I’ll be using the #24booksofxmas hashtag on Twitter, but if you’d like to join in, you can use this tag anywhere! I sure hope you do, as I’d love to find more books to add to my list!

You can check out my personal picks on this thread throughout December, with one new book (occasionally more) added each day: https://twitter.com/valeriecnorton/status/1466071861012353025?s=20

Happy holidays, and back soon! 

Sending cocoa and warm cookies,

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