Handling the Querying Trenches

My characters! Art by the amazing morgana0anagrom (IG) Hello hello! Since my last post, I am so excited to announce that I’m officially querying my YA light fantasy adventure novel! Crossing all my fingers for good news, and sending positive vibes to anyone else on a similar road. Querying, or pitching a novel to literary… Continue reading Handling the Querying Trenches

The Final Dive to Pitch Wars

My writing nook! It's August 27, which immediately brings to mind two things. One, it's exactly two months until my wedding! And two, it's exactly one month until Pitch Wars submissions are due. Which is....exciting! And nerve-wracking. When I first decided I'd apply to Pitch Wars, I figured the due date would be the end… Continue reading The Final Dive to Pitch Wars

When’s the right time to bring in beta readers?

Hi everyone! Hope you're all enjoying this awfully hot summer. I'm still amazed at how quickly time is passing, but I'm happy to say that everything is progressing at a good pace (writing-wise, wedding-wise, etc). Earlier this spring, I invited my very first round of beta readers to read my YA adventure WIP, Flare! For… Continue reading When’s the right time to bring in beta readers?